About Teshomeclothing

Teshomeclothing is a fashion brand and was founded in 2020 by Michael Teshome.

We are based in the Netherlands.

We currently offer T-shirts and accessories with our clothing line.

Our goal is to offer clothing in which everyone can be their own.

From clothing to accessories, you will always find the stylish item you are looking for with us. 


Why the name Teshome?

The name Teshome comes from Ethiopia, it is my last name. When I started brainstorming what name I would give my brand, I quickly decided to use my last name. The reason for this is because I have often heard that I have a beautiful last name.

What does teshome mean?

It means he has been chosen to move up a rank. 

This means that he has been given more responsibility within the family, coincidentally this is also the case with me now.